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Jenkintown Medicaid Planning Lawyer Gerry Woods

At the Elder Care Law Center, the purpose of our Medicaid planning practice is to preserve the maximum amount of money an individual or couple has accumulated while meeting two goals: allowing them to qualify for Medicaid and to avoid financial disaster and poverty for the healthy spouse.

The high and rising cost of nursing home care can make anyone feel ill-equipped to handle the expense. With help from the Elder Care Law Center, you can feel comfortable moving forward. We help clients in Philadelphia, Eastern Montgomery County, Lower Bucks County, and Delaware County, Pennsylvania from our office in Jenkintown, northwest of Philadelphia

Attorney Gerry Woods is happy to discuss the Medicaid planning concerns for your aging parent, incapacitated spouse or other loved one. Call the Elder Care Law Center at (215) 886-1881 to schedule your consultation. Or, contact us by e-mail and someone from our firm will be in touch with you promptly.

Finding Effective Ways to Maintain Your Assets

There can be many complications for those who are unfamiliar with Medicaid planning and the ins and outs of elder law. The Elder Care Law Center can help you navigate through the thorny issues of look-backs, preservation of assets and qualification for medical assistance.

Gerry consistently provides our clients with options that are reasonable, advisable for their specific situations and innovative. Gerry is adept at identifying successful new techniques to preserve real estate and other assets. Creativity and rationality can help you navigate through roadblocks to successful Medicaid planning such as:

  1. Look-back periods, where the government “looks back” to see if you have gifted any major assets.
  2. Ownership of substantial assets
  3. Penalty periods or periods of ineligibilitythat prevent you from qualifying for medical assistance

The Elder Care Law Center can plan and implement the most effective ways for you to maintain as many of your assets as possible through the use of trusts, irrevocable income-only trusts, the effective use of annuities and other estate planning instruments.

With proper Medicaid planning, you may be able to qualify for long-term care without losing all of your assets. Contact the Elder Care Law Center to schedule your consultation and learn more.

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