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Health Care Power of Attorney

Health Care Power of Attorney & Advance Directives (a.k.a. Living Wills)

A health care power of attorney designates a trusted person to make health care decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Without a health care power of attorney your family might have no choice but to seek a court-appointed guardianship, an oftentimes expensive and time-consuming process, so that important decisions can be made on your behalf.

An advance directive (living will) document allows you to choose what health care or method(s) of treatment are to be administered to you should you ever become permanently unconsciousness or diagnosed with an end-stage condition where there is no realistic hope of recovery. In this document the person expresses just what measures he or she wants to sustain life as well as those which are not desired.

The advanced directive or living will is usually prepared in conjunction with a health care power of attorney. Every adult should have these documents to ensure their wishes are carried out and also reduce the burden on their loved ones in such a stressful and difficult time.

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