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Estate Administration & Probate

Estate Administration Probate

The estate administration and probate process can be complicated for individuals who have virtually no experience in these matters. If you have been named executor or administrator of an estate or trustee of a trust, our attorneys will provide you with the legal guidance and support to help you successfully navigate through the administration process.

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In addition to a standard law degree, Gerry Woods holds an LL.M. in tax with an emphasis on estate planning. Estate administration and trust administration are detail-oriented areas of law with various tax implications involved. Gerry’s significant experience and advanced knowledge with respect to the tax consequences of estate matters can ensure that any tax-related matters that arise are adequately addressed.

Administration, Dispute and Tax Services

The Elder Care Law Center provides estate, trust, Orphan’s Court and tax services including:

  • Estate administration: We represent executors (when there is a will) and administrators (when there is not a will) who are responsible for administering the estate pursuant to the requirements imposed by state and federal law. It is important these requirements are met in a timely fashion to avoid penalties and other potential disruptions to the administration process.
  • Trust administration: We represent trustees who are responsible for administering the trust.

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