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Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning

The purpose of our Medicaid planning practice is to help clients with loved ones in need of long-term care preserve the maximum amount of assets they have accumulated during their lifetime. We help individuals in need of placement in a skilled nursing facility qualify for Medicaid, thus avoiding (1) a spend-down of life savings in the face of the astronomical costs of long term care and, in turn, (2) the impoverishment of the healthy spouse.

The already high and ever-rising cost of nursing home care can be crushing and make practically anyone faced with this difficulty feel ill-equipped to adequately shoulder this burden. But there are solutions available. With our help you can confidently move forward to get your loved one the care they need while preserving assets.

Finding Effective Ways to Maintain Your Assets

We help families navigate the thorny and complicated process of qualifying for Medicaid while simultaneously avoiding a nursing home spend down. Our attorneys routinely provide clients with effective and innovative options for the overall preservation of assets based on the individual’s or family’s unique situation. We are adept at identifying and implementing successful techniques to help you protect what you’ve work hard to build so you can leave it to those you love. We have creative solutions that can help overcome the common difficulties families encounter during the Medicaid process, both before and after eligibility. These typically include:


  • The five year look-back period, where the government “looks back” at any potential gifts you made during this time in an overall attempt at imposing a penalty period (or period of ineligibility) preventing you from receiving Medicaid benefits, leaving you to pay out-of-pocket for the cost of long term care.
  • Ownership of substantial assets. Medicaid planning isn’t necessarily restricted to a tiny segment of the population. Rather, it is a viable and, in our experience, under-utilized solution for most people.
  • Avoiding estate recovery. One of the biggest fears a family can have is losing their home. The prospect of qualifying a loved one for Medicaid who is in need of long-term care oftentimes has the effect of amplifying these anxieties. We can put these fears to rest.


Our attorneys are happy to discuss any concerns you might have about long term care for yourself, your spouse,  your aging parent, or other loved one. Call The Elder Care Law Center, LLC at (215) 886-1881 to schedule your consultation. Or contact us by e-mail and someone from our firm will be in touch with you promptly.


We will work with you to plan and implement the most effective ways for you to preserve as much of your assets as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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